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About Pat Vaillancourt

I am recognized as a trainer and speaker with a very energetic and humorous style. I have a pool of over 25 very effective trainings in career search, job development, public speaking, effective Selling and Communication, utilizing MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). I am always in search of new regions, conferences, luncheons and training sites. I can customize trainings for your needs! I absolutely love to public speak. I do all my presentations with a great sense of humor, high energy, and anecdotes. I have ranked as one of the top five presenters in WorkNet Pinellas in the executive series of the past six years. I have also been on the faculty of New England Municipal Clerks Academy since 2005 and have received some of the highest ranking evaluations during my tenure.

Specialties: Mock Interviews, Team building and Creative Management
Seminars on Public Speaking, Customer Service and Dealing with Difficult Customers. My expertise has been in the areas of non-profits and government!

Career Coach, trainer, and motivational speaker

PowerSense Trainings

March 1991 – Present

Accomplished success coach,trainer and motivational speaker who has designed and provided workshops in the areas of career search, stress reduction, use of MBTI for communication, selling and team building. Additional areas of expertise include seminars, public speaking and motivational speaker with a top notch sense of humor.

Contract Trainer United States Air Force

April 1990 – Present

I present monthly workshops in TAPS (Transitional Assistance Program and to all military in job transition.) My areas of expertise are Resume Development, Successful Interviewing and Salary Negotiations. I received an award in 2002 for the highest consist evaluations at Hanscom Air Base , Bedford, MA I have also worked the past two years at McDill Air Base in Tampa. I am an expert at Resume writing and Mock Interviews.

DBA PowerSense Trainings CareerSense

September 1992 – March 2012

I am a twice nationally recognized trainer who specializes in many areas of customer service, team building, stress reduction and emotional resilience!

I also have a strong background in Career development, interview skills and salary negotiations. I have strong expertise with doing executive job coaching and mock interviewing.

Trainer Specialist Career Center of Lowell

January 2002 – November 2005

Presented daily workshops on all areas of career and job search skills. Worked individually on resume , career coaching and mock interviews.

Also developed monthly calender of events and presenters

Response Coordinator /trainer Federal Dept of Labor

January 1991 – October 2002

Recognized by President Clinton as a highly effective trainer that provides on site career workshops and counseling in over 500 closings. Received a Presidential Award and was recognized as one of the top ten trainers nationwide.

Recent Major Projects

Patricia L Vaillancourt

Pat has presented at numerous Major Conferences recently. She was the opening speaker for two of them and did three hour presentations. Those presentations were done to large groups of over 150 people and she received top evaluations across the board. Pat usually ranks as one of the top presenters at these conferences and her presence ensures these conferences are one of the best attended in the area.