Pat Villaincourt Personal Trainer
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Pat Vaillancourt Motivational Speaker

Pat Vaillancourt is an accomplished teacher, trainer, humorist, and motivational speaker. She has designed, developed, and successfully delivered customized workshops in soft skills areas such as customer service, communication skills, team building, generational differences, conflict management, public speaking, and stress reduction. Her repertoire also includes MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) testing, as well as MBTI for communication, effective selling, and team building. Her additional areas of expertise include career counseling, job coaching, personal empowerment and and goal setting.

Speaker at Grand Villa, February 2013

My Mission

Through my trainings, coaching and public speaking, I desire to be an agent of change by inspiring participants to become more positive, productive and joyful in their professional and personal lives. I will present my audiences with the necessary tools for dealing with life’s stresses without compromising their personal energy and health. I help remove limiting beliefs and blocks to allow clients to transform their days with more hope, happiness and vision. My overall goal is to remove clients' erroneous beliefs and emotional blocks that may limit the achievement of their full potential. In turn, participants transform their own lives and have more hope, happiness and vision.

My Philosophy

From a very young age, my father, Joe Vaillancourt, was my mentor. That loving man survived the Death March in the Philippines, and three and a half years as a Japanese P.O.W. He gained tremendous survival skills during the years of digging coal in the treacherous mines of Fukitoma Camp 17 in Japan. He raised me, his first born daughter, to be an independent thinker, imparting many lessons of strength, and tenacity. He always said, “The only thing they cannot capture is your mind. Develop it like titanium.” Throughout my years of teaching and training, I have used Joe’s powerful stories and anecdotes to present the strategies that allowed a P.O.W. to survive. I dedicate my life’s work to Joe Vaillancourt. I am proud to share his incredible lessons and stories with the audiences I am blessed to work with.