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Dealing with Difficult Customers (Customer Service)

This workshop utilizes strategies and techniques involved in providing effective customer service. Key components such as tone of voice, body language, negative wording and biased attitudes are utilized to interactive exercises to strengthen service. The workshop ends with practical stress reduction techniques.

Ace the interview process

This training will teach effective preparation, salary issues, handling difficult questions and key identification of your skills and accomplishments. Be prepared for the fierce competition in this challenging market with this workshop.

Myers-Briggs Indicator for communication building

MBTI is a powerful tool in understanding the key differences in communication styles, the reception of information and approaches to problem-solving. Learn to build teams effectively by making use of the teams most natural talents and skills.

30 minutes mock interview (individual or group)

This service can be done both as one on one or also as a small group training. This workshop will practice an interview in a real-life simulator setting. The facilitator will play the role of the prospective employer and ask questions focused directly on the clients resume. A critique will follow providing evaluation and suggestions for improvement. Make sure you are fully prepared for an interview; this is your best shot to succeed.

Program on customer service and stress reduction

This intensive program uncovers the tools, methods and secrets of providing effective customer service in a challenging world economy. This training is designed and tailored for each company or government agency utilizing the challenges and issues that are germane to the specific industry or government agency.

Emotional Resilience

This workshop is based on powerful examples of the tools and techniques that were use by many Japanese prisoners of war to survive their horrific circumstances. The training helps us reshape and examine our thought patterns to develop greater tenacity, strength and focus. Change and crisis can be looked at through the eyes of survivors.

Utilizing Myers – Briggs for a powerful sales techniques

This workshop will prove that personality dictates sales approach. Utilizing Myers – Briggs Type indicator to understand different personality styles will provide increase in sales results. Selling to introverts must be approached delicately with a strong awareness of their need to move more slowly, to digest and analyze the written word.

How personality affects networking

This presentation focuses on how personality affects networking interactions and how to best tailor your interactions with others to suit your style. Included will be a brief description of the characteristics of your personality according to MBTI. The training points to how your natural type (MBTI) leads to your most effective networking style.

For example, introverts can use their power of concentration for details, focus and the written word as a means to penetrate and develop an effective network. In contrast, the extrovert can build on their natural sociability to expand their contacts.

Handling age barriers

This workshop exposes the myths and realities surrounding age-related discrimination. By being aware of these issues, a prospective employee can work to neutralize and lessen the impact of age discrimination in the resume, networking scenario and the interview process. The presentation ends with a very effective development of accomplishment statements primarily germane to the mature worker. Learn your special value as mature worker, many employers value these assets.